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 4020: Information received from an invalid IP address
Solution Error: INVALID 4020: Information received from an invalid IP address

The Sage Pay Direct system will only accept transaction requests from servers whose IP Addresses you have previously registered with Sage Pay. If a transaction requests is sent from any other server, you will see this error message.

The resolution is: You should add the IP address of your hosting server in your MySagePay control panel, to the list of 'Valid IP addresses' allowed to submit payments (Settings page).
For help please see:

If you wish to use test mode, you should also do this in the test MySagePay control panel - The URLS are:


The IP address of your server is given to you on the 'Setup' page of the component admin pages.

Occasionally, the IP address displayed here is not the same as the external IP address visible to the Sage Pay server. In this case, the actual IP address you need to use, can be established by completing an order in Simulator mode. (The IP address will be displayed in the error message).

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